Jerry Greupner, B-flat Tuba

Jerry Greupner, B-flat Tuba

Waldorf to Andy B's Statler, Jerry Greupner was a founding member of the Sheldon Theatre Brass Band but disappeared for a number of years. He rejoined a few years back, filling a necessary void in the tuba section.

Jerry holds a bachelor's degree in Sociology and Metropolitan Regional Affairs, whatever that's supposed to mean, and a master's degree in counseling, both from the University of Wisconsin at River Falls. He served as a "musician" in the Army for twenty-five years, mostly in the National Guard and the Reserve. He recently retired from Farmington High School, where he had served as a guidance counselor for 153 years.

Jerry also plays with the Mississippi Valley Chamber Orchestra and the Windsor Brass. He lives in Lake Elmo with his wife Pat. They have a daughter, Jen, who is even older than Brodie's kids. She is currently doing time in the alto horn section. Jen is decidedly the better musician, which isn't saying a whole lot, really.

Jerry's chair is sponsored by Pat Greupner and Plan For Life, LLC.

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