Eric Peterson, E-flat Tuba

Eric Peterson, E-flat Tuba

Eric Peterson is a brass instrument builder and repairman and freelance tubist. In addition to the Sheldon Theatre Brass Band, he plays with the Metropolitan Symphony and a largish number of brass quintets around the Twin Cities.

Eric attended the University of Minnesota where he studied with Paul Walton and Indiana University where he studied with Bill Bell. He also served as an apprentice at the Josef Monke factory in Cologne, West Germany where he learned trumpet-making.

In his copious free time, Eric is an avid runner. He has participated in the Twin Cities Marathon and Grandma's Marathon in Duluth. Eric also hits a good many garage and estate sales, and the occasional thrift shop. He has a large collection of pressure cookers (or at least it seems large to us) and an impressive hoard of answering machines. What is remarkable about the answering machines is that they are all the same model. If one ever breaks, he has another thirty or so on hand.

Eric's chair is sponsored by Wayne and Ona Pinsonneault.

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No, we don't know anyone else who still uses an answering machine, either, let alone thirty.