Cami Madison, Alto Horn

Cami Madison joined the alto horn section during the summer of 1993. At that time, Shawn Page, an old friend from the University of Wisconsin at River Falls, wanted a cohort in the horn section. Cami has served as the STBB's librarian for about as long as anyone can remember.

Cami was principal euphonium in the UWRF band and earned a B.A. in Liberal Arts. Cami has worked for Schmitt Music for, well, a long time, and currently works in the accounting department. Cami is a music assistant at River Falls United Methodist Chruch. She lives in River Falls, Wisconsin with husband Alan and cat Ted. She enjoys bridge and reading fiction.

Cami's chair is sponsored by Phil McNairy.

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And you thought that only football players majored in "liberal arts." At least it wasn't "general studies."