Bob Brodie, Bass Trombone

Bob Brodie, Bass Trombone

Massage therapist to the stars, Bob Brodie was a founding member of the Sheldon Theatre Brass Band, having been a member of the Red Wing Brass Quintet, out of which the band grew. He has served as the band's treasurer more or less since the beginning. Bob served for twenty years in the Army as a band musician.

Bob has been a massage therapist for such illustrious clients as Indigenous, Soul Asylum, Crunchy Frogs, Nirvana, and Courtney Love. OK, we had never heard of Crunchy Frogs either. He lives in Red Wing with wife Deb. The couple has two children, Laura and Michael, who are, like, out of college for crying out loud.

Bob's chair is sponsored by:
Steve and Rhoda Connors
Fred Hoeser

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